Where We Came From

Our History

The Early 20th Century was one of great foundation for the modern church. It was a time filled with men and women who were passionate and felt the call of God to go and reach out to those needing to experience the power of God. Kenzy Savage was one of those men. He was a man who felt called to reach the Hispanic community; he saw a need for the Spanish-speaking community in Albuquerque to hear the full gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language. In early 1945, he held a revival in the neighborhood of Barelas to do just that. Many from the local area came to the Lord because of this; so many in fact, that they decided to begin holding regular church services in homes across the downtown area of Albuquerque.

The Church met like this for two years until, in 1947, this local Spanish Assembly of God bought a little storefront on Santa Fe and Barelas. Those years were the formation of a great people who would become a great church. Under the leadership of a few different pastors and with Bro. Kenzy Savage always close by, the church grew and prospered. In 1959, the people tore down that little storefront, and erected a new sanctuary, calling the church “El Aposento Alto” meaning: The Upper Room.

In 1964, the church found itself in need of a pastor. Bro. Savage recommended they speak with a student and good friend of his to see if he would be interested in the position. He was a young, intelligent, articulate, and fiery preacher from Monterrey, Mexico and who had recently moved to Albuquerque. He seemed to be a perfect fit for Aposento Alto. After prayer, fasting, meetings, and ministering in the church, Rubén Guajardo Sr. was made Senior Pastor.

Rev. Guajardo Sr. spent the next 20 years investing his life in the church. He instilled great vision and led the church through some great victories. In 1983, Rev. Guajardo’s son, Rubén Guajardo Jr., felt the call of God to begin serving in full-time ministry. His heart was to minister at the place he called home. He planted an English speaking church in Albuquerque calling it “Praise Chapel.” Rubén Guajardo Sr. and Rubén Guajardo Jr. and their congregations worked close together to Evangelize, Disciple, and Reach people with the love of Jesus Christ.

Their success as a ministry team was very evident. Aposento Alto and Praise Chapel both grew very rapidly as many came to experience the presence of God in both congregations. Together, they dreamed and prepared for future growth, and in 1993, the first phase of construction for a new church facility on Albuquerque’s west side began. After construction was completed, both congregations moved into the new building together in 1994. In 1995, Aposento Alto and Praise Chapel became one congregation and in 1999 elected Rubén Guajardo Jr. as their Senior Pastor. Honoring the churches’ histories and ministering with his father right along side, Ruben Guajardo Jr. pushed forward with a new mission and vision for the church. To signify its unity as one congregation with multiple cultures, the church changed its name to Casa Del Rey, or “The King’s House.” The ministry flourished and growth became unstoppable. Many came to know Christ as their personal savior; they came to experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

The church began construction of the second phase of the new facility in 2004 and, in 2006, its completion was culminated by a 3 day grand opening celebration to thank God for His faithfulness. The King’s House is rich in history and is grateful for everything God has done.

We, as a church, are constantly looking forward to the future, expecting God to continue using us to reach those needing to experience the unfailing love and miraculous power of Jesus Christ.